Go Green After The Holidays


Now that the presents have all been unwrapped and the holiday season is winding down, thoughts turn to what to do with all the leftover packaging.

Many people may have received packages shipped from out-of-town family and friends. In those packages were the infamous packaging “peanuts” or “popcorn” as they’re commonly known.

Rather than throw those pesky peanuts away and create more landfill, you can recycle them by dropping off your bag or box at a PostalAnnex+, Handle With Care Packaging Store or Sunshine Pack & Ship location.

Recycling the peanuts is good for the environment and good for you as well. Bring in any quantity you’ve received and you will get a $2 voucher good towards your next UPS or FedEx shipment.

For those who want to “go green” this season and recycle their used packaging materials, log on to www.AnnexBrands.com for the nearest location.

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