Gray Fox Consulting And Investments Is Changing The Order Of MLM Training

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In what is considered an unprecedented strategy, Gray Fox Consulting and Investments is changing the order of MLM training, and distributorship signups.The traditional MLM model held that new recruits were not trained until they had signed up as distributors. A slightly different version emerged with the advent of the Internet. Here the training was moved up to before signup, but was not free. Gray Fox Consulting and Investments saw a need for those interested in the business to have sufficient free training before making the investment in time, money and effort.

Gray Fox has watched while tens of thousands of individuals waste their time and money in multi-level marketing. They believe that MLM does present a viable business model and can certainly be profitable, but only if you know what you are doing. Secondly, they believe anyone entering the business should be willing to learn more about it and make the necessary investments. Some of those investments will be in additional education in specific areas generally related to MLM operations.

It is generally accepted that 97% of those who show an interest in MLM will not participate. Gray Fox does not think that this percentage will change, even with moving the training forward, but they do think that of those 3% who become distributors, a far larger portion will be successful. An old saying in sales is that a confused mind says “No.” What Gray Fox is attempting to do is eliminate the confusion and let people make the investment decision after having received a more thorough understanding of the costs and efforts involved.

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