Adrian Daily Telegram:

If you’re like many Americans, your morning probably begins with a warm mug in your hands and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingering in the air.

But what happens when your favorite place to get a caffeine fix suddenly closes up shop?

Some local coffee houses have sprung up, but closed not long after opening. Others have remained in business, but aren’t relying on coffee sales alone for making their pile of beans.

Bill Click and his wife were owners of the Coffee Exchange on North Main Street in downtown Adrian. The space now houses the Downtown Lunch Box.

Click owns Model Construction Inc., the company that bought and redeveloped the building in which the Coffee Exchange was located. He still owns the building, and said it was Adrian’s architecture that brought them here.

The coffee house wasn’t necessarily the impetus for buying the building, he said. Read more.

Photo: Lad Strayer.