Five years after his arrival in France, Starbucks Coffee suffers a failure of his American concept which doesn’t meet French customers expectations!

It wasn’t from lack of trying to seduce French people, investments were important enough to open 41 café-bars, all of them located in Paris (except 1 in Lyon). According to some confidential data that the magazine Capital got, the daily receipts from some French Starbucks Coffee establishments drop down under 1000 Euros and even sometimes around 600 Euros during bad days! In 2006, after 3 years in the red zone, the French subsidiary of the giant of the coffee from America suffers a new loss of 4.1 million of Euros for a turnover coming up to 23 millions.

The marketing concept of Starbucks coffee didn’t met the success anticipated in France, How could it be explained?

However, Starbucks Coffee establishments had met the success all over the world with a supply of 87000 recipes of coffee. However, for French people who are used to drink a black, strong and unflavoured coffee, the proposal of 87000 combinations of coffee is unnecessary than a real innovation. Read more.