Readers’ Brag Basket

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Business Opportunities Weblog readers are a smart and entrepreneurial bunch. Everyday I get emails telling me all about their new projects. Once a week, I’m going to feature some of them in a post and let other’s comment on their own new ventures.

If you have something to brag about, email me, or leave a comment on this post.

Without further ado, here’s the inaugural edition of the Readers’ Brag Basket:

Luke wrote:

First of all I would like to say that I really like to read your blog. Really inspiring and helpful articles with new ideas and sources. Also thanks to you and your blog I started my entrepreneurial career with my project Days To Share. The idea behind the project is to be able to own a day in year 2009 and use the site to show the world what is so special about this day. Days can be used for celebrating birthdays, blog birthdays, … or can be used for marketing.

Derek wrote:

One of the main reasons I like your blog is you talk about business opportunities. However, since it is a business opportunities blog, it is light on how to make businesses successful. Over at my blog, I started a new blog series called “Success Factors.” It goes into detail about how to build a successful business and I think your readers will love it.Please let me know what you think. You can find the series beginning here.

Dan wrote:

I have very much enjoyed reading you Web Blogs sent to my e-mail. So much that I started up my own Online Marketing and Synergy Company located in Agoura Hills, CA. Our Mission Statement: At KB Synergy, customer satisfaction and the success of our customers is absolutely paramount. We pride ourselves in building and maintaining strong relationships with each and every one of our clients. With over thirty years of data experience and expertise, our mission has always been to be your leading provider of only the most cutting-edge online marketing tools that will dramatically boost your sales volume and ROI. Thanks for your help…

Mark wrote:

I am a fan and long time reader of your blog. I am starting the New Year with a PR project. I will be traveling to the South Pole in 2010 and will carry 100 flags of company sponsors that will be planted at the Pole. A large portion of the money will go to the Environmental Defense Fund. I just created a preliminary website. I have 8 or so sponsors in my past week of campaigning for the project. Such individuals as celebrity Corbin Bernsen will have a flag. Corbin is an avid collector of snow globes and will soon release a whole line of globes called Corbin’s Classic Domes. I was introduced to Corbin through Kyle Macdonald, the guy who traded a paperclip into a house. Also, a guy from my town of Charleston, SC, Shepard Fairey. Shepard is the guy who came up with the HOPE campaign for Barrack Obama. My most recent sponsor is a company called Techwood. Techwood makes a strong press wood by mixing in plastic polymers. The result is a wood that is almost as cheap and many times more durable and long lasting than normal wood.

Beverly wrote:

Great site, Dane. I own and operate a business that raises and direct markets natural beef. I started the business in 2001 and have grown each year. The business is at a point where I need a partner to help it continue to grow. The partner needs to be a working partner and could be, but does not have to be, an investor. Please take a look at my website:

Darren wrote:

Fist of all I love your Business Opportunities Weblog you have some very interesting articles listed on there. Anyway I am helping a friend out who is the inventor of Smart Spacing Hangers. She has been sucessful selling on line and is now looking at developing further markets both in the US and in the Asia Pacific region including Australia.

A little disclosure: I’ve borrowed the “brag basket” concept from Becky McCray and her fantastic blog Small Biz Survival.

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