Whatever the size of the TRAILER COUPLERS or the ball hitches, one of the main problems faced by many drivers is how to do a perfect alignment of the ball hitch of the vehicle to the trailer coupler.

Most available products in the market generally are very cheaply made and use magnets that do not work with most ball hitches and trailer couplers, or are very expensive camera systems. Due to this, trailer loading of different types or couplers had to depend on alternative methods which are not efficient or effective.

Troy Young, inventor of Backup Balls realized this issue and designed their product in a way that it will work with any ball hitch and trailer coupler combination.

One of the key advantages is the ability for a single person to load the trailer without ever needing assistance from another person or getting in and out of your vehicle numerous times. This unique feature is achieved by having two vertical expandable fiberglass poles each having a different colored ball on top.

The poles can be vertically telescoped until they are visible to the driver through the rearview mirror or through the back window of the vehicle. While one pole is clamped to the ball hitch, the other is clamped to the trailer coupler.

Once the device is set correctly, the driver simply needs to reverse the vehicle while visually lining up the two balls so they meet each other. This meeting position will be the right alignment to secure the trailer.

Photo by Synn Global, Inc..

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