Turnkey network marketing system helps new internet entrepreneurs to launch their business quickly and profitably.

Janet Giacoma, a small business owner, professional planner and WMI consultant, is offering a $50 discount on CarbonCopyPRO’s Business-in-a-Box (BiB) for a limited time only. The system is designed to enable internet marketing entrepreneurs to ramp up quickly and efficiently, getting their business online and earning a profit in the shortest time possible.

According to Giacoma, the system completely streamlines and automates the challenges faced by an online network marketing professional. “By handing off the more difficult—and less pleasant—tasks inherent in network marketing, the entrepreneur can focus on more important business activities, said Giacoma. “Virtually all of the things about network marketing that people tend to resist have been eliminated.

“Many people have a natural resistance to network marketing opportunities,” advises Giacoma, “because they’ve been burned with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or affiliate marketing scams. CarbonCopyPRO and the BiB represent a completely legitimate, potentially very lucrative online business opportunity. The most important consideration is that with BiB in place, it’s easy to get started earning money—potentially lots of money—very quickly.”

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