Entrepreneur Designs Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats


23 year old Amber Kastenschmidt isn’t a talker, she’s a “do-er.” After feeling the need to express her creative side and love for yoga, Amber started the Bolder Yoga Mat Company and began designing yoga mats.

The Bolder Yoga Mat Company’s non-toxic yoga mats are printed with bold designs from top to bottom. Each yoga mat is heavy metal and phthalate free, making them both eco-friendly and stylish.

The extra thick mats are printed with ink that is just as sticky as the mat, and Amber claims whether it is a soothing mantra or spicy design a yogi is after, The Bolder Mat Company has a design that fits.

The Bolder Mat Company also offers a nation-wide yoga mat Recycling Program that takes old mats for cleaning and refurbishing. After Amber cleans the mats by hand with a special disinfectant, she sends them out to charities across the United States. The need for yoga mats is astounding from safe houses, rec centers, etc. Amber currently has hundreds of requests to fill and could use more donated mats. After donating a mat, customers receive $5 off towards a printed Bolder yoga mat.

Photo by Bolder Mat Company.

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