Due to today’s challenging economy, stay-at-home moms — many of whom are highly educated, experienced and motivated — are jumping back into the workforce, but they are choosing their new-found careers very selectively.

Paperly, a Chicago-based direct sales business focused on the stationery industry, provides opportunities for stay-at-home moms who do not wish to abandon the lifestyle they currently enjoy.

Therefore, non-traditional careers, which provide flexible, at-home work schedules, are growing in popularity as financial times toughen. One such career track, the direct selling industry, best known by last generation’s stalwart companies Avon and Tupperware, has seen its business swell historically when a recession hits, according to the Direct Selling Association.

“We have seen a surge in moms asking how they can make legitimate money while staying at home,” says Cindy Rudman, co-owner of Paperly. “They have told us they want to help pay-off holiday bills without sacrificing being a mom.”

One reason direct sellers thrive in a down economy is because their proven business model eliminates much of the risk tied to starting and operating a business.

Photo by Paperly, LLC..

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