Dad Turns Inventor To Spare Daughters Pain

The Journal News:

Being a work-at-home dad offered George Stydahar many perks, from cooking breakfast for his two girls to being there when they got home from school. But brushing their hair in the morning was not one of them.

Both Hannah and Emma had long, fine hair, the kind that tangles easily. Every morning became a struggle between Stydahar’s desire to send his daughters off into the world looking neat and well-groomed and his anguish over their shrieks of pain when the hairbrush caught on a snarl.

“It would kill me. I said, ‘There has to be a better way than this,’ ” he recalled. He went online to research methods for brushing through tangles.

“I said to my daughter Hannah, ‘We need a magic brush that disappears when it hits a tangle.’ And it was like a lightning bolt. All I need is a brush whose bristles will disappear and reappear after a tangle,” he said.

The result, the OrbitBrush, a patent-pending hairbrush with rotating rings of bristles that free hair of tangles without painful tugs.

Photo by OrbitBrush.

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