PR Newswire:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobless rates hit a 16-year high – 7.2% – last month leaving close to 2.95 million displaced workers in the wake of the recession. As unemployment continues to rise and those in the workforce search for secondary income and job security, franchise purchases are predicted to increase as well.

With the launch of its new franchise arm, Mom Corps hopes to tap into the growing pool of experienced, educated professionals seeking flexible, career alternatives as franchise owners.

“We are excited to take the business to the next level and continue our growth through the development of our new franchise program,” says CEO and founder, Allison O’Kelly. “Franchising is as much a financial strategy to alleviate capital issues as it is a recruitment strategy in order to attract motivated, invested employees to Mom Corps and provide them with flexibility in turn.”

The launch of Mom Corps’ franchise arm is also timely considering the predicted increase in demand for temporary staffing services over the coming year. “Uncertainty in the economy is making firms reluctant to hire permanent employees,” said Robert T. Sumichrast, dean of the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia. “That adds to the demand for temporary and part-time positions,” he said. “Companies, I think, are increasingly relying on these staffing firms.”