Amway Global is initiating a voluntary recall on three of our NUTRILITE® energy bars because we have been informed that Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) is one of the peanut paste suppliers that our vendor used to make our energy bars. The FDA and other regulatory agencies have indicated that PCA is the focus of their investigation concerning a recent Salmonella outbreak thought to be caused by contaminated peanut butter. Amway Global has taken this voluntary step as a precaution while the FDA continues its investigation into the unresolved national outbreak. No other NUTRILITE products are involved in the recall.

NUTRILITE® energy bars are sold nationwide through direct sales. The products, SKUs, and manufacturing lots are being recalled are:

Vanilla Pretzel Energy Bar, SKU/UPC 10-6529; lot numbers 8219A, 8242A, 8276A and 8304A

Peanut Butter Energy Bar, SKU/UPC 10-6530; lot numbers 8294A and 8340A

Chocolate Nut Roll Energy Bar, SKU/UPC 10-6528; lots numbers 8287A, 8357A and 8246A

Product Intro Kit, SKU/UPC E9745; lot numbers 8275BPS1, 8275BPS2, 8275BPS3, 8275MSN1, 8275MSN2 and 8275MSN3.

The lot numbers appear on both the package and the individual bars.

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