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photo credit: Hamed Parham

Media exposure is one of the best ways of generating attention on your business. Just imagine all the people watching a story about your business on the local news, or hearing something on the radio as they drive to work, or reading about it in the newspaper over breakfast.

Pamela Slim on Escape from Cubicle Nation is sharing eight ways to get more media exposure for your business. Read her entire list, it’s very good, but I think her most important point, though, applies to the time after you’ve got the media’s attention and they’re contacting you with questions:

Always respond to queries exactly as asked. If you see a general query which asks you to include a specific email header, do that. If not, it will probably mean that your response will not be seen, since the journalist may have email filters to sort queries.

I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve rejected this advice and actually received any media coverage.

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