Internet Entrepreneur Starter Kit

Red Ferret:

The Internet Entrepreneur Starter Kit is a package of 50 different Archie McPhee novelty items in a ready to sell format. The pack value is apparently $2,600.00, but you, sir, can have it for the bargain basement price of just $399.95.

These are new and mint condition products still in their original packaging, untouched by customer’s hands. Kit can include products like: action figures, coin purses, erasers, novelty notebooks, night lights, place mats, coasters, bandages, decorative adhesive tapes, stickers and indescribable desirables of all kinds! This is an opportunity that cannot be missed!

As the nice lady says, if you sell everything in the pack you’ll make over $2000 profit. Which you can use to buy this bridge I’ve been meaning to talk to you about…

Photo by Archie McPhee.

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