It Took 5,127 Prototypes To Create Success

Digital Journal:

To create a successful product, Sir James Dyson had to create 5,127 prototypes first. Add 14 years of debt and multiple lawsuits to evade and you get a best-seller in the U.S. and in Europe.

It started in 1978, he got vexed with his vacuum cleaner breaking repeatedly, so he created the first bagless vacuum cleaner with just cardboard, kitchen scissors and a duct tape and it worked.

But to market that original bagless vacuum cleaner was not so easy. He had to create 5,127 prototypes, face 14 years of debt and multiple lawsuits to prove that his product is original. All those efforts paid off in the end — his vacuum cleaner is the top-selling upright vacuum cleaner in the United States.

“It is the fear of failure that makes me keep working at success…Having an idea for doing something better and making it happen-even though it appears impossible–those are still my dreams.” Dyson said.

Thanks to his persistence and patience, by 2005 his vacuum cleaners have become popular in both Europe and in the U.S. His company’s revenues were $1 billion in 2008.

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