To ensure the longest life from your driveway to your porch, you’ll want to keep it protected. While sealants are made to do the job, they’re not all created equal. Zerovoc Technology uses an earth-friendly process and materials to create their sealants. Their protective water sealer will protect wood, concrete, and masonry materials.

We recently asked JR Robison, one of the founders of Zerovoc, a couple questions about the business and their dealership opportunity.

What was the inspiration for your business?

We had a major break through on the cost of making the wood and concrete sealer. Our testing was finally showing the results we needed to be the very best Green sealers on the market.

How has your business changed from 1988 to now?

Green meant nothing to anybody in 1988. Were starting to care more about what we do to our planet. This has been great to see.

What do you require before someone will qualify for one of your dealerships?

They have to show us that they have the desire to run a business. We prefer that they have owned a business. They have to have good credit. We like for them to have lived in the area at least two years. We have taken people from all walks of life and made them successful.

What do your dealers like the most about your business opportunity?

They Love the fact they can make a profit their first month. They like that they are doing a very good thing for our planet with safe materials.

Would you mind telling us a little more about the sealer used? What makes it ‘green’?

Our sealers are not heated to produce them. We have nothing going into the air from the time we make them until they are used. Nothing goes down the drain we use all of the raw materials. If we did pour it down the drain it would not have any harmful effect

There are 10 rules that the EPA has set for now and we meet or exceed all of them.

Did either of you intend to become entrepreneurs? What lead you to start this business?

We have both owned other businesses. Owning a business is the only way to keep money. Profits are much better than wages every one knows that.

What has your business taught you?

If you are going to own a business you must give back to your community. What goes around comes around

Do you have any plans for growth that you’d like to implement over the next year or so?

Were going to add 50 more dealers this year and 50 next year this will be about all the dealers we will have.

What advice do you have for someone considering one of your dealerships?

Make sure you want a business not a job. If they know the difference there on the right track!!

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