They might not be able to gamble but they can wear it. Clothing, that is. Casino Baby offers parents a chance to dress up their babies in fun designs that can only be inspired by a day in the casino.

Through their unique sense of style, Theresa and Tanya have successfully jumpstarted a new kind of baby business into motion. Although they only recently launched late last year, the feedback they’ve received from their customers has been tremendous.

How did both of you meet?

Theresa and Tanya have been friends since Middle School, about 24 years.

What was your inspiration for Casino Baby?

We both love the thrill and excitement of casino games, and since having families of our own and frequently visiting Las Vegas and Atlantic City we were inspired to create cute quality casino designs for children since most of the casino resorts have become family playground.

How long did it take to build this business from idea to launch?

The idea was born in August 2008, our final product was finished in late November and our website was fully functional in January 2009.

What has the customer reaction been like since your launch late last year?

We have had an amazing response including, parents, grandparents, young adults and even young toddlers love our designs and small boutiques and larger retail operations have responded with great enthusiasm as well.

What have you learned from the business building process?

We have learned that it’s not as easy as people expect it to be. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and time.

Did you encounter any surprises or problems while getting started? What have you learned from them?

Of course it’s like anything else, when it rains it pours! We had issues with our original box order, the company ended up shutting down in California, and we needed to start the procurement process all over again. So many more stories to tell, but what we have learned in the process is “patience”.

How many different casino designs do you currently offer? What age/size does your clothing go up to?

We have 7 different designs including: Baby King, Baby Queen, Horseshoe, Cherries (Pit Boss), Jackpot with gold coins on the back(butt), Lucky red 7’s on white and silver 7’s on black and our “All You can Eat Buffet” Bib.

Our onesies come in small, medium and large and Toddler sizes run from 2T-5/6T.

All of our products come in a card like box with a clear opening so you can view the design.

What goals do you have for Casino Baby over the next year?

We want to expand to and adult line and add new designs.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in going into the baby clothing business?

Just have fun, follow your dream and don’t give up!

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