Passion Consultant Inspires, Entertains, And Educates Women

Northern News Services:

When things get a bit boring in the boudoir, some creative couples enjoy reigniting their passions by playing with toys.

Local Passion consultant Krista Williams markets a line of erotic paraphernalia designed to enhance excitement in bed … and on the living room sofa, kitchen table, bath tub and wherever else folks feel inspired.

She organizes events called Passion Parties for groups of two to 50 adult women in their homes. Much like the Tupperware parties from days of old, Passion Parties introduce women to a variety of aromatherapy oils, bubble bath gels, vibrators and other imaginative adult toys among friends in a fun, familiar and confidential environment, Williams explained.

“It’s a social event,” she said. “It’s a conversation-starter. It makes it easier for a woman to talk about sex if they’re educated about it and talking about it brings sensual awareness to a relationship.”

Fragrant massage oils, edible water-based lubricants and hot wax candles are popular purchases, Williams said, adding the products she carries are tasteful.

Some taste like cinnamon, peppermint, pina colada and watermelon while others come in classic flavours like chocolate, strawberry, hot fudge and vanilla.

Photo by Robb1e

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