PR Newswire:

Aiting Shih’s family has been in the Taiwanese real estate business for more than 30 years. Now, Aiting, Founder and CEO of Sirius International Food and Beverage Group, is applying her family know-how and intuition to become the first Johnny Rockets franchisee in her home country of Taiwan. With her sister Yi directing operations for the new restaurants, Aiting plans to open more than twenty of the authentic all-American eateries within the next ten years. The first 3,000-sq. ft. Taiwanese Johnny Rockets is planned to be across from Taipei Arena, opening this May. The second restaurant, scheduled to open in July, is planned for Dream Mall and the third is planned for a location within Taipei 101, currently the second tallest building in the world.

“We are very impressed with Aiting and Yi’s business sense, their knowledge of our culture and their enthusiasm for our brand,” stated Steve Devine, Senior Vice President of International Development for Johnny Rockets. He added, “We are very enthusiastic about the entry of our brand into the Taiwanese culture and we are confident that the Shih sisters have what it takes to integrate the two cultures seamlessly.”

Stated Aiting Shih, “After exploring several global brands to possibly introduce into the Taiwanese culture, I am convinced that Johnny Rockets offers the simple, authentically family-focused culture Taiwanese people will appreciate. We are a society that supports timeless, always-relevant brands and that enjoys classic American favorites, like hamburgers, shakes and onion rings.”

The island of Taiwan lies about 75 miles off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Population of the island is estimated at just under 23 million people, making it the 15th most densely populated country in the world.