Wading through the sky
photo credit: James Jordan

While big businesses and corporations are making layoffs and cutting staff left and right everyday and cutting pension plans to offset high debt costs, small businesses are going fishing — fishing for new employees that is. All those hard working people being fired and laid off, well, they have to go somewhere, why not to your small business?

It is suggested that 2/3 of small businesses will be hiring new staff in 2009, this is good news for the small business world as well as for the people standing in the unemployment line. There is a huge ocean full of desperate people wanting and needing a job.

Put a good spin on the economic situation, and give your business a positive image. Clearly, if hiring isn’t in line with your business plan, then don’t. But after seeing so many public layoffs recently, bringing on new talent portrays a healthy brand.

While your collecting all the laid off talent that is out there, and reaping in the benefits of these brilliant people, you’ll also be ahead of the game when the economy turns around. Big businesses however will be far behind when the economy turns around because they will be without their best talent.

What are your thoughts on the 2009 year for hiring?