Your Breath Could Be Recycled into Fuel

Live Science:

The Liverpool John Lennon Airport, in Liverpool, U.K., will soon become the world’s first to try a revolutionary piece of technology that will recycle the breath of passengers into biofuel.

The Eco-box, developed by Origo Industries, will capture the CO2 exhaled by airport travelers and convert it to fuel to be used in the airport’s diesel vehicles and heating system.

The Eco-box was originally designed to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles. It works by capturing carbon emissions through a photo-bioreactor as a feedstock for algae, producing biomass that is then refined and converted to green fuel.

“The project at the airport is an early trial of a system which we believe could have a significant impact on the way companies today can obtain fuel and manage carbon emissions,” said Iain Houston, Origo’s CEO and founder.

Photo by Green Diary.

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