East West Essentials, a leader in optimal fertility supplements and health nutrition, is delivering results to their fertility patients with their expertise and successful product line, available online at www.eastwestessentials.com. That success is rooted in a family-run company with a deep compassion and understanding of infertility issues.

East West Essentials was founded more than a decade ago by Dr. Jeanne Wilson, Ph.D, L.Ac. With a doctorate in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wilson understood how her Eastern medicinal knowledge complemented Western infertility treatments. Combined with a passion for helping couples have babies, Dr. Wilson started the company at the same time she was raising three girls as a single mom, juggling a busy schedule and expanding her practice.

East West Essentials now has four offices in Southern California, a growing online supplement division that provides effective nutritional supplement products nationwide, and the company’s leadership has increased to include Dr. Wilson’s three daughters. Each has an integral role in the company’s success: Haylie J. Pomroy BS, WC, an expert in fertility nutrition, has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows; Heather Wilson handles the growing online product distribution for the company; and Holli McHugh directs product purchasing.

Dr. Wilson and her daughters sought to create a practice that offered not only fertility expertise, but nutritional products that meet each patient’s needs. “My daughters and I have a synergy working together that has certainly contributed to our success,” said Dr. Wilson.

“What sets East West Essentials apart from the competition is that it was born out of a need to provide men and women with natural, effective, all-inclusive supplements,” said Dr. Wilson. “Each supplement is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of those struggling with infertility and is used by clinicians everyday in their practices.”

Photo from East West Essentials