Franchise Key:

Gamer Docâ„¢, the retail video game store franchise that delivers a new and interactive customer experience, offers the opportunity to be part of the hot growth sector in retail. Total video game industry sales in the U.S. jumped 13 percent over last year to $1.33 billion, according to research firm NPD Group Inc.

“Achieving double-digit growth in this tough economy is further proof that video games are the most popular form of entertainment in the country,” said Jim Belanger, president of Gamer Doc. “The 13 percent increase is even more impressive when compared to the one percent rise in total retail sales for January. The number of consumers choosing video games as the best value and the most fun for their entertainment dollar continues to expand.

“Consumers are taking control of their entertainment experience,” Belanger said. “Video games allow them to decide what, when and how long they play. The industry will continue to show strong growth because, for the same amount of money, video games deliver many, many more hours of entertainment for the whole family compared to the time spent at a movie, concert or sporting event.”