Little Features Make a Huge Difference

Hold All My Calls
photo credit: furryscaly

In business with so many others to compete against, you definitely need the up to date, most current and top notch equipment to work with. Right down to your telephone system. And don’t be fooled, the little features that your phone system can come equipped with are very important and sometimes make the biggest difference.

Take for example features like hold, or transferring a call. If you didn’t have either one of these, then when a client called for a co-worker, you would have to just set the phone down on your desk and walk to the co-worker to tell them they had a phone call on whatever line. This leaves the customer listening to all your office background noise and does not promote very much professionalism in your company.

Now look at the bigger features such as if a customer is on hold for too long say more then 2 minutes they get sent back to the original person they were speaking to. This allows them to talk to a human every two minutes rather then being out on phone limbo for god know’s how long.

If your business relies on the telephone system for customer interaction, find out the little things (and big things) your phone system should have to ensure each in-coming telephone call is an opportunity to demonstrate great customer service.

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