Student in Class
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The current economic situation is giving birth to new businesses everyday. One new small tutoring business is the brainchild of Indiana college student Matthew Fouts. Last year, we linked to a story about his business, but I thought I’d ask him the inspiration for starting his business.

Dane: Matthew, why’d you start Rose Learning?


College seniors are not finding the jobs right after graduation that they one were. A source in the human resources department of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technologytold me that that job placement of graduating seniors is down 10% from last year. Knowing that job placement will most likely still be low by the time I graduate I wanted to take control of my income and not rely on other companies to make a living.

Dane: How are you helping others?


Rose-Learning provides struggling high schools students a new means to get help on academic studies. Utilizing Rose-Hulman students to teach others around Terre Haute, IN, we’re starting to bring the community together.

Matthew Fouts has taken the reins of his own future by starting Rose-Learning. What are you doing about your own future?

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