A reader named Tomas Jorglewich wrote in with an interesting offer for Business Opportunities Weblog readers:

I have been a loyal daily reader of your blog over the past few months and have gotten some very good ideas from it. As such I have an offer and was wondering if it would be something you would be interested in passing on to your readers as I think it would be of great benefit to the right individuals. I am a real estate developer located in Atlanta, GA. I have recently developed a new 15,000 sf center and I have two 1,305 sf spaces left to lease out.

My offer to your readers is that I would be willing to pay the franchisee fee for the franchise of their choice as long as they locate the business in my shopping center. There is no catch to this offer whatsoever as my goal is simply to attract a good tenant and franchise business have a greater chance of success, so I look at it as a investment in my success. If my tenants do well, then so do I.

Wow! What an offer. Thanks Tomas! Property details after the jump.

Property Details

2325 Powder Springs Rd
Marietta, GA 30064

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Average Daily Traffic Count
powder springs – 25,342
pair road road – 4,758

Key Demographics

(five-mile area)




Average Household Income

Current Tenants

  • Butcher Shop
  • Burrito Express
  • Salon Infinity
  • Tomi Spa Lofts
  • Nail Bar
  • Express Tax
  • Barbers R Us
  • Goin Postal
  • Little Caesars Pizza


For more information, contact Tomas Jorglewich at:

Tomas Partners LLC.
2100 Roswell Road
Suite 200C
Marietta, GA 30062

(404) 579-3777


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