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In these dire days, doing nothing is not an option. Passivity will only make things worse. But what can we do when there is little or no new investment? Here are four useful actions I’ve seen work effectively.

Make your moves while everyone else is distracted. This is the time when you can acquire more acquisitions that others attempted to covet but couldn’t close the deal. While other’s are distracted trying to figure out what to do, that is the time for you to pounce on opportunities.

Dispense of the things that no longer serve a purpose. There could be many thing’s and aspects of your company that have outlived their purpose but your still holding onto them, get rid of them. Free up some money and space.

Concentrate on helping your clients and customers succeed. Helping your customers now may not give you bigger revenue, but will boast well for your future when your customers are now better off and are continuing as normal to shop at your company.