Al mal tiempo, buena cara
photo credit: la_cola_de_mi_perro

Some businesses find it necessary to go out of town for business wether it be for a meeting, obtaining new clients, making sales pitches, etc. And all of them know how expensive traveling out of town or state can be with the airplane tickets or train, hotel, food, gas if traveling by car, etc. Below are some tips to help businesses cut down on their travel costs.

  • Have a travel policy. Outline what is an acceptable amount of travel for your employees.
  • Use the web to find good bargains.
  • If the airport is offering a bump at a lower rate, take it as long as it doesn’t interfere in your schedule.
  • Join your favorite airlines frequent flier program.
  • Use a program for your employees to report all expenses on one form.
  • Use virtual meetings rather then meeting’s in person.
  • Negotiate lower travel and hotel prices.
  • Use one credit card for all company travel tickets and hotel and food expenses.
  • Use the convention discounts.
  • Take advantage of the tax deductions at the end of the year on all your travel expenses.

What tips do you have on cutting down on business travel expenses?