Many are Selling Their Jewelry During Hard Times

photo credit: lepiaf.geo

It seems that everywhere you look today there are signs and tv commercials offering a high price for your unwanted jewelry. You ship it to them and they send you cash fast for your gold or silver.

But is it all that safe really? Should consumers be worried about sending away all this precious jewelry of their’s to someone that they have never even seen in person?

People who send away jewelry without checking on the company are really running a huge risk,” said Barry Goggin, president of the Better Business Bureau in Sacramento.

With gold at it’s high of $807an ounce  from five year’s ago at new year’s eve, people all around are jumping at the chance to sell their unwanted jewelry and even some precious jewelry that they may still wear, but need the money more.

While this is a sad thing to think about (selling your jewelry for needed money), some experts suggest that you deal with jewelry stores or even pawnshops, at least that way you are looking at the person face to face and you know for sure you’ll walk out of there with money in your pocket.

What are some of your thought’s on selling your jewelry for money?

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