Unusual Soaps Keep Mom's Business Alive


A Whitewater mom is beating the odds in this tough economy. She turned a hobby into a successful business by making unusual products that are now sold world-wide.

Kelly Devries makes special soaps that look like pickels, bacon and eggs, doughtnuts, hot dogs, and even dentures. The gentle hand and body soaps come in all different shapes, sizes and scents. They are all hand-made with vegan products and no preservatives.

Even when not many people have extra spending money, Devries says the business is still doing well. She thinks that’s because her products are very unique and less than 10 dollars each.

She says she loves coming up with new ideas and gets a lot of laughs when people see her 60 plus products. “It’s a dream come true, it is. It’s been so amazing that people enjoy what I love, the out there stuff. It’s neat that people are getting it, understanding it and loving it. I’ve got some funny ones you know for kids, like the mustaches.”

Logo from MollyCoddle Soap

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