photo credit: Robber Esq

Many home based business inevitably face the choice of wether they should grow their business larger or not. Many of them want to keep their small business atmosphere but at the same time want to project confidence that they are a big enough company to accommodate their customers needs.

Starting with your website is the key. If you don’t have one then it is a good idea to set one up. In your forums and information sector’s, include the word “we”, this keeps them from assuming you are a one man/woman act.

Out source or hire staff to expand your business’s areas of expertise. This will add depth to your company and can increase customer satisfaction. Build a team that includes an attorney, an accountant, a bookkeeper and administrative help, and, hire a web designer to keep your website content current and fresh.

Make sure you have a suitable professional environment to hold your meeting’s and new sales pitches to potential clients. Holding these meeting’s and pitches in say your kitchen or living room with Barney playing in the background, may not be the best choice.

How did you grow your home business without the growing pains?

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