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Drain Doctor Plumbing, one of the UK’s largest emergency plumbing and drain repair services, has announced the official opening of its first business venture in mainland Europe.

The launch of the company’s operation in Loulé in the Algarve in Portugal was attended by local VIPs, company directors and staff and, the company says, created a great deal of interest.

Francisco José Ferreira São Vicente, the company’s operations manager for Portugal, said: “Our first jobs are coming from villa management companies and owners and from local restaurants. We have carried out an inspection on one drain which runs beneath the terrace of a villa where tree roots have penetrated the pipe, blocking the flow of effluent. We aim to carry out a ‘no dig’ repair, clearing the roots and relining the drain without needing to dig up the terrace. This type of repair was not commonly available in Portugal until Drain Doctor arrived and is just one example of how we will be having a major impact on the local drainage and plumbing market.”