When you’ve had the opportunity to interview as many successful mompreneurs as Lisa Druxman has, you gather quite the list of recommendations. Well, MSNBC has recently posted a list of necessities, gathered by Lisa, that some mompreneurs are unable to live without.


It’s a service that transcribes phone messages, which are then sent to an e-mail account. With all phone messages transcribed, you can discretely check voicemail via smart phone while at school assemblies, standing in line, etc. The service provides the entire voicemail message including call-back phone numbers.

2. Daycare

3. Housekeeper


HARO is a must-have for mom entrepreneurs, especially if you can’t afford a publicist. On average, business owners receive 15 to 30 queries each day about various media opportunities. It’s free and it just takes a few minutes to see if a query is a good match for your business.

5. Husband

OK, not everyone has one. But if you do, appreciate him and acknowledge that he can offer great support for you as you run your business. Not only can he can help with the kids, he can also be your sounding board.

6. A Smart Phone

7. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Get profiles up on all the social media sites; it’s free and some of the heavy traffic these sites get will be transferred to your site as people find your profile and click on your business’s website and blog links.

8. Dedicated Work Space

9. A Good Accountant

10. A Virtual Office

What would you add to this list?

Screenshot from GoEverywhere, a free virtual desktop that can help you get your start on must-have #10.