You may have seen the Mary Kay commercials on TV or the Mona Vie stickers on rear windshields around town and wondered whether starting your own direct selling business could mean more money for you.

Madera mom Maribel Alvarado is an Avon lady. She works from home about two hours a day and said the extra income has given her family a lot more financial flexibility. “The profit that could be produced from the business was just amazing to me because I thought, wow, I can’t believe I can make this much money just selling out of the brochure.”

Despite the economic downturn she said she’s grown her business by $20,000 dollars compared to last year! “You can’t get fired; you can’t get laid-off, because it’s your own business. You can give yourself a raise, though. All you have to do is increase your sales,” said Alvarado.

Now Maribel mentors other Avon reps, including her friend Norma Garcia. “I was able to purchase a new vehicle and pay for the vehicle with my Avon earnings,” said Garcia.

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