Google on Sony PSP
photo credit: dan taylor

In business, many people tend to rely on third party services and people to help them get the word out about their business or website. Sometimes this does prove to be a great benefit for the company, however, all too often the third party never follow’s through with helping you out. It is ultimately up to you yourself to make yourself find able so to speak as much as you can.

When using the internet, be sure to use your brand or business name as often as you can. Be consistent and original and as clear as you can, that way when people are typing in their search bar you will come up on their screen for them to find easily.

In a perfect world, reporters who quote us would keep their word all of the time, but at the end of the day, it’s our job to make sure that, even when they don’t, our target audience can find us easily on the Internet.

How do you ensure that your business is easy to locate online?