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Businesses who spend just a little time with one action doing research can make all the difference in the world in their business. Spending this little bit of time on research can mean the difference of winning or losing, staying open for business or putting lock’s on your business doors. So it comes as a huge surprise to learn that some business owners avoid doing any sort of research all together.

The foundation of a solid deal is the research you put in at the very beginning and the continued research you do during the whole sales process. I am always amazed at how little research many so called sales professionals put in… they turn up and do a product pitch hoping they strike lucky. Well, there’s not much luck around at the moment and so all your deals need a solid foundation.

A few good places to start your research is some services found online. Google alerts is a good place for research as is the website of the company your looking up and linkedin.

There are also other places to look such as any articles in the newspaper written about the company, public library, the BBB and more. In a world where everything matters in your business, you cant afford to avoid doing the research that takes up such a small amount of your day.

What benefits did you get from doing your research?

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