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Professional virtual support firm, Innovate Services is now offering “Keep It Super Simple” (K.I.S.S.) public relations and editorial services to mompreneurs, solopreneurs and fitpreneurs.

A professional virtual assistant, MBA, and mompreneur, Teresa H. Berger has a passion for writing and public relations and wants to help entrepreneurs that need to create buzz for their product or service but don’t know where to begin or those that would rather hire a professional to handle this aspect of their business. With over a decade of experience in the market research, banking and small business arenas, Teresa has had the opportunity to develop expertise in the public relations and editorial areas of business.

“With a passion for writing and an ‘eagle-eye’ for spotting content mishaps, it is my mission to help entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and fitpreneurs with their public relations and editorial needs. Innovate Services is their partner for creating buzz-worthy press and organizing their on- and off-line content. We take clients’ content from so-so to spot-on,” Teresa added. Clients turn to Innovate Services when they need help writing a press release, developing an easy to follow press release and editorial calendar for their business, editorial assistance with on- and off-line content, brainstorming support for public relations and marketing activities, or want to hand off their PR and editorial needs completely to a professional.

Screenshot From Innovate Services