Study, study, study
photo credit: pnoeric

It seems that when people can not do well in business today due to the economy and all, that they are reverting to writing book’s on their business knowledge for those who may be opening a business or are currently struggling to keep their business open.

The problem is that at alone there are almost 2 million book’s listed on business alone. This greatly decreases the odds of your book being viewed or chosen. So below we’ve put together a little list of ways to promote your book and get it seen by the public.

These books and their authors are your competition. Yes, some of those almost two million books have one and the same author but that doesn’t change your odds all that much.

Create a blog book tour, create a book video trailer, get creative with the way you do your press release, get local sponsors to buy your book, get connected with the local tv and radio stations for advertising, find someone to offer a testimonial, use twitter, make sure your remarkable, get on amazon and make sure you use as much social media as possible.

What are your ideas on marketing your business book today?

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