Sales Tips for Tough Economy

sold to very nice people
photo credit: PinkMoose

Business around the world are searching for new and improved ways of selling their products and services. With the changing times and technology out there, there are many different ways to market your company and produce more sales.

More effective ads and customers as sales people are a couple sales tips. Word of mouth advertising through your customer base is the best out there, not to mention it’s free advertising all day every day

Always include a powerful offer in your advertising. Offer free information related to your product or service to generate inquiries or Web site traffic. Then, make the most compelling discount or bonus offer you can afford to convert these inquiring prospects into paying customers.

Ask for the order at the end of the pitch. Don’t be afraid to reach out and take what your company needs. Charge more. Granted, I don’t mean charge so much that the customer is going to laugh at you, but charge a fair price rather then selling your company short. And last but not least….words matter especially when it come’s to selling, so make sure you mean what you say.

Can you think of some good sales tips for business’?

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