www.theadvocates.org quiz 05.07.2007
photo credit: bossco

In a recent article, a man from a university questioned on how to go from a non-profit mentality to a profit-mentality. The question was re-phrased to “how to focus on results” by Marshall Goldsmith with good reason.

Most people would not be too eager to hear about how someone is only wanting to focus on the profit-mentality of any organization, especially today when profits are less then what they use to be.

The idea of changing one group of leaders to more closely resemble those in another sector will not sell very well. Several decades ago, I was a dean. From my experience with professors, I can tell you that many of your faculty members would rebel at the very idea of having the strategy of their university copy the strategy of a for-profit institution.

Try focusing on results rather, by involving the key leaders of your organization; focus on the measurable results; hold leaders accountable for achieving certain results, work with them to help set a standard for the way thing’s should be; and most importantly…make peace with the thing’s in your organization that you can not change.

What are your thoughts on focusing on results rather then on profit’s?