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photo credit: Jacob Bøtter

We all have seen articles written on how to handle your under-performers or less than par performers, but what about your star employees, the top performers, have we forgotten about them? Truth is, most of us take the easy way out and either have them write their own review that we sign, or we just shoot them an email stating “your doing great”.

When that is not enough try a few of these suggestions by Howard Morgan a SVP of HR. Help them identify opportunities for growth. If there is nothing they need to improve on, then sit them down and say so, tell them how great they are doing and that there is no improvement needed.

If you really value them, then give them the same attention and thoughtfulness that you put into the under-performers that you approach. Let them know the cause and effect that they have on the organization. Don’t commit beyond your means of control, be honest about the future opportunities for them.

Recognize that as their leader, you have the greatest ability to retain these human assets. The number one factor that influences people’s intent to stay or leave a job is their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their leader – so keep them challenged.

How do you handle your top performers evaluation’s?