Burger King Sets Its Sights On Northern Sweden


A burger war is brewing in northern Sweden, pitting the country’s own Max hamburger restaurants against American fast food giants McDonald’s and Burger King.

Until now, the battle over the best burgers in Sweden’s far north had been a two-contestant match between McDonald’s and Max.

But now Burger King has entered the fray in a bid to beat out both of its rivals.“Without revealing any time frame, I’d guess there will be eight to ten restaurants in Norrland,” said Stefan Eriksson, Burger King’s head in the Nordic region, to the TT news agency.

The fast food chain’s first restaurant north of the Dala River is set to open in Örnsköldsvik on Wednesday with 40 employees. The restaurant will be managed by Norwegian-owned King Food through a franchising agreement.

Eriksson mentioned Luleå, Skellefteå, Umeå, and Sundsvall as other prime locations in northern Sweden for Burger King restaurants. Hudiksvall and Haparanda are other possibilities.

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