Home-Based Working Mothers Can Help The Economy

Fort Worth Business Press:

Women across the country are taking charge of their work and their families’ livelihoods. From starting their own businesses to telecommuting, millions of moms – many of whom are highly educated, experienced and motivated – are jumping back into the workforce while choosing to work at home. What we may not realize is how much their work helps to galvanize the struggling American economy.

A tough economy has many stay-at-home moms starting businesses to help support their families. In entrepreneurial circles, they’re leading the charge in startups: Four in five new businesses are started by women. In fact, 80 percent are moms. The number of women entrepreneurs is growing at twice the rate of men.

Not only do small businesses help women and their families; they also help to stabilize a struggling economy. “Small business drives the American economy,” says Dr. Chad Moutray, chief Economist for the Office of Advocacy at the Small Business Administration. “Main Street provides the jobs and spurs our economic growth.”

When women work from home for other companies, they are still helping the American economy recover. Companies benefit when they allow their employees to telecommute. When pay is stagnant, telecommuting can serve as a form of compensation by allowing employees to enjoy the cost savings of reduced commuting expenses and other benefits of working at home.

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