What was traditionally believed to be a service that was used most among the rich, maid services are seeing an increase in business with the average family as well. As more households look to create a 2 person income, that is leaving less time for tasks, like cleaning, that need to be done. When you put that need together with the growing trend towards eco-friendly living, you have Maid Brigade.

I had the opportunity to ask Paul Hay, the founder’s son and the man behind franchise recruitment, a few questions about the company and their business opportunity.

What was the inspiration behind Maid Brigade?

Evolving from the commercial cleaning field the transition to residential services seemed a natural. It was sensed that there was a clear opportunity to offer a professional service as an alternative to individual domestics.

How has it evolved since it launched in 1979?

The evolution in our offering has never stopped. The customer, however, has evolved from upper middle class households to now include practically all demographic categories including retirees and singles.

Would you mind telling us a little bit about your franchise opportunity? What are your requirements?

We are a national residential cleaning company with over 420 locations in 40 states as well as Canada. We are a Mon-Fri business (no nights/weekends) which is attractive for people looking for a lifestyle change. We look for individuals that have great interpersonal skills because a big part of our business is interacting with employees and customers. Candidates must have a net worth of $175K or higher. The initial investment ranges from $87K-$132.5K.

What separates you from your competitors?

Clearly, our culture. MB has always nurtured an open relationship with our franchisees. We have always considered our franchisees as partners to be treated with respect and fairness in all our dealings. It’s axiomatic but their success equals our long term success. Supporting and training our franchisees has always been far more important than selling franchises. Consequently, MB franchisees have very high revenues relative to the investment.

A lot of time has passed since the franchise opportunity first opened up in 1984. What would you say were some of the best steps forward your opportunity has taken over the years?

Consistent year after year (25 of them) continued refinement of all aspects of our business including technology, marketing, training , profitability and close personal support.

What goals would you like to see Maid Brigade reach within the next year or so?

Increased pervasiveness of our Heart at Work program and other HR skills training for franchisee’s.

With your father as the founder of this company, you must have enjoyed watching the company grow from the outside, as well as from within. How has that unique experience affected you?

In my teens, I logged many hours at the company doing anything they needed from administrative work to landscaping. I officially joined the company five years ago. I had been out of college for 12 years and had a nice career going when my father approached me. I think because I felt so familiar with the business already, that helped me make the decision to join the organization. I also like the fact that I can help carry on what my father created. Working in a “family” business is a lot different than what I was used to. I feel a loyalty here like I’ve never felt before.

Do you hope to venture further down the entrepreneurial path or stick with the family business?

I definitely see myself continuing in the family business. This is an exciting business with a huge potential for growth. I really believe that we are just scratching the surface in this industry.

What advice do you have for potential franchisees?

They need to focus on following the franchise system and not try to reinvent the wheel. They need to utilize our support team. They need to realize the long term value of a strong investment in advertising. Most importantly, they need to get involved in the organization as much as possible. Attend conventions and join Maid Brigade committees, get involved.