Mom Fights Childhood Obesity By Promoting Healthy Choices

As a mother of three, Lori Liakonis knows how difficult it can be to get youngsters to eat, particularly to eat healthy. For her, it all started when her oldest turned three.

“He was big on sweets,” says Liakonis. “He wanted to eat as many sweets as he could get his hands on.”

Using a chart, magnets, and a grocery list, Lori gave her son ownership when it came to making healthy choices.

“It seemed to work. He would come down the stairs and ask ‘What food can I eat to move my magnets?'”

She thought this could work for other parents.

“When we empower kids to eat healthy, that’s when it really sticks. It’s not about the parents forcing the kids to eat.”

Her business SuperNoots, short for super nutritious, was born! Now, a year later, the playroom doubles as an office and distribution center.

“I never thought I could manage a business and try to raise 3 young children from my house. It’s just been amazing!

Photo from Supernoots

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