photo credit: Martin Kingsley

In business our number one goal is to keep our customers happy at all times. The timeless classic of “the customer is always’ right” comes into play here. But there are going to be time’s when there is more then one customer on the phone-one of them will have to hold. Or there is more then one customer in line-the other’s will have to wait.

To cut down on the frustration that the customer may feel at this point, try giving them something that will keep them entertained even just for a few minute’s. Rather then have that boring classical elevator music that we all love so much on the phone, try a comedy station, or maybe a trivia station.

In your store, have some small games set up in a waiting area, like miniature bowling or basket ball maybe even miniature golf. Who know’s, this could even get customers to interact with each other!

As you consider the inevitable short-comings of your business, take a moment to brainstorm alternatives that can keep people engaged while they are really waiting for you to deliver.

What are your suggestions for keeping customers occupied while they wait?