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While there are lots of government regulations that small businesses have to follow, sometimes the government does make mistakes which lead to an unfair regulation. Most businesses feel there is nothing they can do at that point, however, there is a process in which you can go through to contest it and reverse it.

Small businesses have the opportunity to communicate regulation-related concerns to the government through the Small Business Ombudsman (SBO). An ombudsman is a problem solver who works as a mediator in order to provide reliable information and resolve concerns from all parties.

This SBO serves as a liaison between the small business community with the problem and the working groups writing regulations for the EPA. They make sure that the problem is at the front of discussion.

An SBO can handle all kinds of concerns such as tank containment, clean air act regulations, waste minimization and pesticide regulations to name a few. While small businesses can access all the needed information to take care of the problem, not all of them have the time or resources to do so, this is where obtaining an SBO comes in very handy for the business.

How has an SBO helped you and your business in the past?