Working Hard For Vector
photo credit: roberlan

While President Obama gives speeches on how our economy will turn around and we will come out of this recession with a more positive outlook, he should be adding other words to these statements. While he is painting a positive outlook, he still needs to be completely honest. This is where leaders in companies can learn from his speeches on how to deliver their bad news to their employees.

For example, if your overall outlook on your company will end positive then say that but also be sure to include that it will take time to get there, it will take hard work on everyone’s part as well as confidence and patience. Don’t make it sound like everyone will wake up tomorrow to a totally new situation.

Be specific on what exactly needs to be done. When addressing your employees about the future, make it plainly clear on what everyone needs to do as far as their work is concerned for their part in getting back on track and reaching the positive final destination.

Challenge others to join with you. Make the crisis a rallying point. Assume that not everyone will agree with your assessment as well as your steps for action. Urge them to come up with better ideas or else to pull together to support your initiatives. The time for arguing is over; the time for coming together is here.

How do you deliver bad news to your employees?