Distribution of photos per user II
photo credit: krytofr

We have all been there before at work, it’s that time of the month to sit down and review our data for our company. We sigh at the very thought of reading and sorting through all of that boring data, numbers upon numbers and statistics. However, today is a new day with new improvements and data no longer has to be boring.

Customer Explorer from SpatialKey allows small businesses to quickly see geographic and temporal trends in their QuickBooks customer data. Built exclusively on Intuit’s cloud computing PaaS, the Intuit Partner Platform (and only possible because of the platform’s packaged QuickBooks integration), this application brings a new level of BI to small businesses.

With this new software you can view different templates which will use different demographic views and pictures to go along with the data that is imported into the software. No longer will you be fighting the urge to fall asleep while going over your companies spread sheets.

How do you make your office data interesting?

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