Is It Our Business

photo credit: Tracy O

What a difference a few days can make to the trajectory of a transition. At the end of last week, I was prepared to give our new President an “A” for outstanding efforts to create positive momentum. Now I’m thinking he deserves a B-minus at best. Why the shift? In a word, taxes. Specifically the lack of payment thereof by the President’s cabinet nominees.

However, as all good thing’s must come to an end, so did his when people on his staff were found to have tax problems. For example, the treasury secretary failing to pay taxes on benefits he earned internationally, while it was probably an honest mistake and harmless, it does not look good for the president.

More over, the secretary for health and human services had not paid $140K in taxes while the chief performance officer had a lien put against her home for failure to pay employment taxes on people working in her home.

One would ask, is this really our business to know these thing’s about our officials? We wouldn’t take a second look if joe from the corner had these problems. But joe from the corner is running our country and delegating our future. These mistakes while harmless under most circumstances can prove to cut the confidence in the public eyes of the new administration having control over our future.

What are your thoughts on officials lives being public?

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